Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grooming Is Important

If you have a dog at home or are thinking of buying one, please remember how important it is to groom your dog!

Grooming not only makes a dog look and feel better but it keeps him or her healthier! When you bring your dog to the groomers they don't just wash your dog and throw them in a cage to dry!They inspect your dog for harmful parasites such as fleas, ticks, or worms! Groomers look at the skin to make sure it's not real dry or has rashes. They look at the ears to make sure they are not infected. They look at the nails to make sure they are nice and short! Groomers inspect the pads to make sure there are no harmful or sharp objects stuck in between!

When I groom a dog that's the first thing I do! I look over the dog to make sure it's healthy and If I do find fleas or ticks, rashes, or anything I fix the problem. I have shampoo's and conditioner's that are specially made to help with certain problems. If I think it's something very serious, then I refer them to a Veterinarian. Grooming helps get rid of dirt and matting! It actually makes the dogs feel better not just look better!

If you can not afford to professionally have your dog groomed then it's important not only to bath your dog but brush him! If your dog has matts and you do not remove them, then those matts will get tighter and tighter! Imagine your hair in a tight knot pulling on your skin? Constantly Pulling on your skin? No blood flow to that area? OUCH!!! Keep your dog cleaned and brushed! If you can not clip your own dogs toe nails and can not afford to get your dog groomed then bathe them at home and go to your local vets to have to toe nails cut. It's not that much money! If you still can not afford that and the dogs health is at risk...I think it's time to find help or a new home for the pup!

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