Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet Jasmine Marie and Isabel Rose!

Jasmine Mariah and Isabel Rose are Standard Poodles and A breed that I have come to Adore!

Isabel Rose is a four year old cream Standard Poodle with a heart of gold! She loves playing with her ball, lounging in the sun, sitting with her legs crossed and just being the perfect little prep that she is! When it comes for Isabel's grooming she will jump right up on the table and hand me her paw as if to say " Ah yes, I am ready for my monthly manicure!" After I am done with her grooming she will walk around with her head held so high and be so proud of her new stunning look! Don't get me wrong though...she has her dog days. If she sees a puddle of mud, she will run over to it and jump around! If you leave chicken or some type of meat in the trash...She will find it! And she demands at least 1/2 the bed! Isabel will actually sleep with her head on a pillow and body under the covers! She makes a great cuddlier though! Isabel is a little shy when she first meets a new dog or person but quickly warms up to them and loves to play. If a male dog goes somewhere he is not suppose to go, Isabel is sure to let him know that she isn't easy and not to go there!

Then there is Jasmine Mariah! She is a 2 year old black Standard Poodle who is the complete opposite of her sister Isabel! She is still as loving as can be but the biggest goof ball ever! She will run around in a circle, nudge you with her nose and demand to be loved, roll around, jump around, make funky noises, and make the cutest facial expressions ever! Jasmine is not a prep at all! I like to call her my little tom boy! She likes to rough house and pass gas and be a complete spaz! Jasmine loves everyone she meets and has to be the center of attention! When it's time for her to sleep she will lay right on top of you until you move! If you try and move her she grunts back at you! I always have to remind her that I am the pack leader not her! She really is a sweetheart though and wouldn't hurt a fly! She is stubborn but not mean! Her and Isabel are inseparable! They love each other so much and together with their unique personalities make the best pets ever! Never a dull moment in my household!

I hope to share more fun stories about Isabel and Jasmine as time passes! Everyday is something new!

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